Meadville Pediatrics is pleased to now offer fluoride varnish during your child's well visit.  Fluoride varnish provides extra protection against tooth decay so we can keep your child's teeth healthy!

To learn more about this new service, talk with your child's provider at his/her next well child visit or review the frequently asked questions below:

Why do we recommend putting a fluoride varnish on children’s teeth?

Because your baby’s teeth are important! Tooth decay is one of the most common diseases seen in children today. Children as young as 10 months can get cavities (holes in the teeth). Cavities in baby teeth can cause pain and may prevent children from being able to eat, speak, sleep, and learn properly. Children should not normally lose all of their baby teeth until they are about 11 or 12 years old.

 Who can receive fluoride varnish?

This service is available for children under five years old. Please check with your insurance company to verify how many times a year they will pay for the service.  

What is fluoride varnish?

Fluoride varnish is a protective coating that is painted on teeth to help prevent new cavities and to help stop cavities that have already started. Is fluoride varnish safe? Yes! Fluoride varnish can be used on babies from the time that they have their first tooth (around six months of age). Fluoride varnish has been used to prevent cavities in children in Europe for more than 25 years. It is approved by the FDA and is supported by the American Dental Association.   Allergy caution: Although rare, children with allergies to colophony (colophonuim) and pine nuts could have allergic reactions to fluoride varnish.

How is fluoride varnish put on my child’s teeth?

The varnish is painted on the teeth. It is quick and easy to apply and does not have a bad taste. There is no pain, but your child may cry just because babies and children don’t like having things put into their mouths by other people. Your child’s teeth may be a little bit yellow after the fluoride varnish is painted on, but this color will come off over the next few days.

 How long does the fluoride varnish need to be applied?

The fluoride coating works best if painted on the teeth two to four times a year.  Studies show that children who receive fluoride varnish every three months have fewer cavities than those who receive it less often.   Fluoride varnish is covered by most insurance providers at this time.  We encourage patient families to contact their insurance company prior to receiving this service.  Please check with your insurance company to see how many times a year it will be paid for. 

 What do I do after the varnish is put on my child’s teeth?

The physician will give you information about how to take care of your child’s teeth after the fluoride varnish is applied. Your child can eat soft foods and drink cold drinks right away. Do not give him or her sticky or hard food until the next day. It is okay to get another varnish treatment after three months (with your doctor, dentist, or at school) or sooner if recommended. This treatment does not replace brushing your child’s teeth or taking a fluoride supplement (if your doctor or dentist has prescribed it).


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